Friday, January 15, 2016

Class Posts

Class 28 - Practice Test for final exam - SKETCHUP - How to download Sat Image, change axis, make building, color building, make roof, and add 3D warehouse object
Class 29 - Work Time - Work on House, Blog or Project (for me or for yourself if completed one for me)
Class 30 - Stencil -  Post on How to make a stencil using 3D Printer
Class 31 - Practice Test for final exam - MULTIPLE CHOICE QUESTIONS - 
Q: What is an additive 3d printer?
Q: What is a subtractive 3d printer?
 Q: Whats a extrusion 3d printer?
Q: What is the x,y, and z axis?
Q: what do I think the design process is?
Class 32 - Last Blog Post before Final Exam What is your post
Class 33 - Final Exam (sketchup), questions, and essay
Class 34 - Hand in House and final blog
Class 35 - Final post What is your Bliss

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