Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Class 15 - Work Time - Blog list to date - Fix Technology Good or Evil Essay from Pretest

Class #1 Overview
Class #2 Laptops
Class #3 Make Blog
Class #4 Blog Settings - Change Time Zone, Turn Comment Moderation On, Share with new account
Class #5 New Accounts - Log in - Learned How to Screen Capture and put pic in post, How to Embed Youtube Video in Post
Class #6 Pretest - Post Pic of your attempt to do Sketchup Model
Class #7 Comment on Classmates Blog, Make Sure Blog on Mr Kelley's 8th Blog, Login to Google Classroom
Class #8 Sketchup Tutorial - Download and do 6 tutorials, make different post for each tutorial with pic and explaination
Class #9 Check
Class #10 Work Time

Class #11 Sat Image of House and How to Get and change Axis
Class #12 Howe&Howe Tech Video (Pic of MiniRip)
Class #13 Work Time
Class #14 3D Warehouse in Sketchup
Class #15 Final Post for Quarter 1  Work Time  Fix Technology Good or Evil Essay from Pretest

Monday, October 12, 2015

Friday, October 09, 2015


Comment on Blog!

  • Open www.itsvms.com website

  • Click appropriate Grade Level Link on Right Side of Blog

  • In Blog post - check web slide show to see picture of student.

  • In Blog post at bottom you will see a COMMENT Link Please Click it

  • Put in students AVATAR name (they should know it) and make a comment

  • Click Anonymous Choice

  • Click Post

  • Mr. Kelley will post once he has moderated 

  • * This is the students homework NOT the parents you are just helping them with it.

    They have plenty of time to complete this assignment and it is for them to show you what they are doing.  They should NOT have to rush you late at night or early in the morning to complete this.