Thursday, March 31, 2016

Class 9 - Blog to date..... work time

Have you made sure your blog is up to date?
Class #1 Overview
Class #2 Laptops
Class #3 Make Blog
Class #4 Blog Settings - Change Time Zone, Turn Comment Moderation On, Share with new account
Class #5 New Accounts - Log in - Learned How to Screen Capture and put pic in post, How to Embed Youtube Video in Post
Class #6 Pretest - Post Pic of your attempt to do Sketchup Model
Class #7 Comment on Classmates Blog, Make Sure Blog on Mr Kelley's 8th Blog, Login to Google Classroom
Class #8 Sketchup Tutorial - Download and do 6 tutorials, make different post for each tutorial with pic and explaination
Class #9 Sat Image of House and How to Get and change Axis
Class #10 Work Time
Class #11 Work Time
Class #12 Final Post for Quarter 3