Thursday, October 25, 2012

Class 12 - More prototype time

Started to carve out rapid prototypes of our cars if ready.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Class 10 - Blogging and Sketchup Time

Checklist to make sure done

  1. Blogged 9 classes (told what did in class in post, added pics and video as needed)
  2. Blogged as completed Sketchup tutorials (5 of them and posted screen shots of work)
  3. Made sure blog was listed on side of Mr. Kelley's Blog! and commented on classmates blog
  4. Made sure blog was set up (Moderate Comments and NO Blogger Banner across top)

Worked on Sketchup Tutorials!

* catching up due to NECAPP Testing

Friday, October 12, 2012

Class 9 - Design Time

Worked on our Blogs, Sketchup and Prototype designs (due to NECAPP testing schedule has changed)

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Class 8 - Prototype - Automoblox

Went over the Design Aspect of the Automoblox Projects we will be doing.  Students will design a toy car for a competition.
jaylenosgarage interview of inventor

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Class 7 - Sketchup Time and Blog Checklist

* some students missed class due to NECAP Testing

Make sure your Blog

  1. Has Comment Moderation ALWAYS turned on and NO Anonymous Posting 
  2. Change Time Format from Pacific to Eastern Standard Time
  3. Copy Blog Web Address (should be your and pasted address into Mr. Kelley's Student Blogs Form 
  4. fix html code so there is no Blog Header

add this code to your html code in customized layout

  • need 7 post (with pic of car)

    1. Class 1 = Overview Sept 4
    2. Class 2 = Prototyping (drawing car) Sept 7
    3. Class 3 = Blogging Sept 12
    4. Class 4 = Prototyping Sept 117
    5. Class 5 = Sketchup Sept 20
    6. Class 6 = Blogging Settings Sept 25
    7. Class 7 = Sketchup Tutorials (showed 3d Printer) October 3 *missed last class due to Field Trip

  • Make sure YOUR blog is on Mr. Kelley's 8th grade blog on list on side of site.
  • Work on Sketchup Tutorials

    1. Introduction to Sketchup
    2. Start Drawing 1
    3. Start Drawing 2
    4. Start Drawing 3
    5. Colors and Materials