Thursday, November 02, 2017

Class 15 - Pick Project

Pick a project you would like to work on for Mr. Kelley so you can make something for yourself

You can earn TIME for your own print jobs (easier makes = less time, hard makes = more time)

  • Custodian Parts (replacement Handle, Lock)
  • Sign for School (Entrance)
  • Heart (Science)
  • Spool Holder (for Finder Printer)
  • Hint Clue
  • Makerbot Ring template in Sketchup
  • Feet for Tables (so won't scratch floors)
  • Occupancy Sign (for School # of people room/building can hold)
  • QR Code cards (make website into a plastic 3d printed card)
  • QR Code cards for ponds (make cards go to site showing fishing limits etc... for Wardens)
  • Warden Sign (camp sign for wardens)
  • Teacher Passes (for bathroom, hallway)
  • Car Parts (Mustang Shifted handle,  logo part)
  • Vise Table Parts (handle, holders, crank handle)
  • Door Wedges (labeled and holders for rooms)
  • Neck Tie (printed and assembled)
  • Cell Phone Cases (for teachers, secretaries)
  • Snowblower Shovel Holder (bracket to hold it on blower)
  • 5th Grade Scan tek parts (clamps, spacers etc... from building car and boats)
  • Tool Shelf brackets (to organize peg tool shelf)
  • Mouthpiece for Music (Trumpet, Trombone, etc..)
  • Headphone Holders
  • Double Robot Parts (update Design)
  • Climbing Wall holds (Old Town Rec Center)
  • ED Tech Break Out Boxes
  • ?  other?   Teacher request? or idea you have?