Monday, April 01, 2013


Comment on Blog!

  1. Open website
  2. Click appropriate Grade Level Link on Right Side of Blog
  3. In Blog post - check web slide show to see picture of student.
  4. In Blog post at bottom you will see a COMMENT Link Please Click it
  5. Put in students AVATAR name (they should know it) and make a comment
  6. Click Anonymous Choice
  7. Click Post
  8. Mr. kelley will post once he has moderated 
* This is the students homework NOT the parents you are just helping them with it.
They have plenty of time to complete this assignment and it is for them to show you what they are doing.  They should NOT have to rush you late at night or early in the morning to complete this.

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Anonymous said...


My son has shown me all the great work that he and his classmates have been doing using sketch up and creating 3D models of our houses and cars. I think this is excellent since he aspires to be an engineer someday. Keep up the great work and Thank you.